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NonFiction Audiobooks|

NonFiction Audiobooks| Narrated by Gordon Greenhill

Spirits in Bondage

C. S. Lewis

Preface by Gordon Greenhill

Genre – Poetry, Atheism, War
​Length – 1:26

Published under the pseudonym, Clive Hamilton, Spirits in Bondage was C. S. Lewis’ first book. Released in 1919 by Heinemann, it is now in the public domain in the United States. It is significant primarily as a window into the pre-Christian mind of the man who would later pen such classics as The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and the Chronicles of Narnia. This collection of poetry shows that as a man of twenty, Lewis was already possessed of a keen modern intellect and a vivid romantic imagination. Now for the first time in audiobook form and with a brand new preface by, Lewis scholar, Dr. Gordon Greenhill. Available as audiobook and ebook (with original illustrations by Leah Morrison).

NonFiction Audiobooks| Narrated by Gordon Greenhill

Never Surrender

John Kelly

Genre – Historical Nonfiction
Producer – Brilliance Audio
​Length – 10:56

A remarkably vivid account of the critical six months in 1940 when Winston Churchill debated whether the British would fight Hitler. April, 1940. The Germans are marching – Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia. They now threaten Britain. Should Britain negotiate with Germany? The members of the War Cabinet are divided. Churchill, leading the faction to fight, and Lord Halifax, cautioning that prudence is the way to survive, attempt to usurp one another by any means possible. Drawing on primary sources, historian John Kelly tells the story of the summer of 1940—the months of the “Supreme Question” of whether or not the British were to surrender.

NonFiction Audiobooks| Narrated by Gordon Greenhill

Trans-Generational Trauma – Passing It On

Thomas Hodge

Genre – Psychology
​Length – 0:32

This book consists of an overview and a scholarly literature review of the major studies on the effects of trauma on succeeding generations. From the Holocaust to Cambodian genocides, from the systemic racism of Apartheid to post-war PTSD in soldiers, Hodge rehearses the major studies on how major traumas endured by one generation are passed down to the next and thus become the default narrative of whole communities.

The Prince of Darkness

The New Nurse Survival Guide

Survive and Thrive as a New Nurse
Jon Haws and Sandra Haws

Genre – Professional Development
Length – 2:02
Being a new nurse is hard. Now you have a preceptor in your pocket with the top 50 tips for succeeding as a new nurse. In The New Nurse Survival Guide: Survive and Thrive as a New Nurse, experienced nurse Jon Haws, RN, provides you with 50 tips to not just survive as a new nurse but to thrive and excel. Nursing is hard. Being a new nurse is torture. With these 50 tips taken directly from Jon’s experience as a new nurse preceptor and charge nurse, you will have the tools you need to make it!

NonFiction Audiobooks| Narrated by Gordon Greenhill

Beaten Down – Silently Suffering Trauma

Thomas Hodge

Genre – Academic, Psychology
​Length – 1:20

​Domestic violence affects millions of individuals. Most studies focus on females victimized by a male perpetrator. Beaten Down, however, examines the stories of men who have been the victims of domestic violence. Most men who have survived abusive relationships remain silent about the problem. Such men are often reluctant to get help. They suffer maltreatment often comparable to their female counterparts. Some have been chastised for seeking help. Many still suffer in silence while no one notices the pain behind their eyes.

NonFiction Audiobooks| Narrated by Gordon Greenhill

The Hell with Taking Notes – Challenging the Status Quo

Thomas Hodge

Genre – Sociology, Education
​Length – 0:35

A scholarly research proposal which explores the relationship between lecture and participation based forms of teaching. Hodge is interested in how participation produces stronger encoding of information into long-term memory. He lays out his proposal for demonstrating it while interacting with major research done to date on the topic.