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The narrator did a fantastic job. He really captured the pathos of the characters and the sense of whimsy.
— Carey

Audible Review of "The Wraith of Skrellman," 1/4/17

Firstly I liked the narrator. A lot.
— Andrew

Audible Review of "The Prince of Darkness," 3/12/18

Reviews | Gordon Greenhill
I’m very pleased with Gordon‘s work. Not only he was very proficient at narration but also he was a trustworthy person. You can rely on his word. Trustworthiness is a virtue that is very uncommon nowadays. I’m looking forward to working with him again. 
— Adam Lusiak

Author of "Being a Slave"

Mr. Greenhill’s voiceover talent is nothing to be taken lightly. The roles he has played for our projects are astonishingly diverse, creative and exceptional in all aspects of quality and preparation. He truly is a voice artist.
— Joshua Billington

Executive Director, SoZo Media Group, producer of Douglas K. Pearson's "Coffin Light"

…I am always concerned that my work, when handed to someone else, will sound different than I envisioned it when writing the story. The words, the nuances and the characters I want to be perfect. Gordon was the narrator of my book, The Potus Papers and portrayed the story exactly as I would have done it myself. He was easy and attentive to work with and was always willing to listen to direction to help make the story even better. I recommend Gordon Greenhill to anyone who wants their special story to come out sounding ‘special.’” 
— Bryan Mooney

Author of "The Potus Papers"

The narrator was excellent! He obviously has a gift for pronouncing foreign languages, as well as being able to read well and in an interesting way — something difficult to do on such an academic work!
— Annie

Audible Review of "The Unseen Realm," 8/29/16

“With oil rigs on the horizon and the local LGBT community preparing to march down Main Street—the 21st century is fast closing in on the small western town of Grandview, Montana. Novelist and native son Craig Lancaster offers an emotional, realistic, yet lighthearted examination of the heartland. Gordon Greenhill deftly narrates in a very American voice. Whether giving voice to the cranky mayor who is always looking to make a deal; the green sheriff’s deputy; the prodigal novelist who returns home to the Plains every summer; or the loyal wife who’s “just about had it up to here,” Greenhill’s folksy delivery is a good match for these recognizable middle-American  

— B.P. © AudioFile 2015

"This is What I Want" by Craig Lancaster

As a self-published author wading into the audio world, I had many questions and worries about the project, especially about the costliness and the quality of the narration. After choosing Gordon for my project, Greyson Gray: Camp Legend, I immediately knew I had made the right decision. Not only was his narration exemplary, but the manner in which he conducted himself put me at ease. He went out of his way to make sure he knew what I wanted, added a few extras to ensure the best production possible, and did so all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

— B. C. Tweedt

Author of "The Greyson Gray Series"

The narrator did a good job in keeping a good flow and his voice was clear, fun, and made it easy to distinguish the different characters he was portraying, especially since there was more than two versions of the same character at times. Not once did he sound monotone or hard to listen to.
— J

Audible Review of "I Ain't Got No Home in This World Anymore," 12/7/18

He was amazing! He not only read the book in a fashion that kept you interested, he was able to pronounce all the Hebrew, Aramaic as if he were a native. He made listening to the book effortless.”
— Daniel

Audible Review of "The Unseen Realm," 1/3/17

The narration by Mr Greenhill is first class and does justice to the book.
— Mike from Mesa

Audible Review of "Never Surrender," 12/27/15

The narrator, Gordon Greenhill, did such a fantastic job of putting us in an intimate class room scenario where only the subject matter was carefully being dismembered a bit at a time void of our surroundings.

— Mobie

Audible Review of "The Lord," 5/15/17

[Greenhill’s] narration was incredible, especially his voice for the twins which was definitely my favorite part
— Kindle Customer

Audible Review of "The Wraith of Skrellman," 1/17/17

[Gordon Greenhill’s] narration is wonderful. Although ideal for 20 minutes listens given the short chapters, Gordon Greenhill’s voice does not tire allowing for much longer listens.

Audible Review of "The Lord," 1/20/17

Clear, concise, properly effectuated.
— Mobie

Audible Review of "The Unseen Realm," 6/4/16

Gordon Greenhill does a commendable job of tackling hard to pronounce names and long dead words with fluidity and ease. He did what few readers could do, bring a text book to life rather than letting it suck the life out of the listener.
— Amazon Customer

Audible Review of "The Unseen Realm," 2/2/17