Gordon Greenhill |

Gordon Greenhill | Who is he?

Having completed a degree in theatre and communication in his youth, Gordon Greenhill went on to earn a Ph.D. in “moldy old dead European men. He then spent 15 years lecturing at university and speaking at conferences and is not afraid of nonfiction, technical vocabulary, specialized languages, or research.

But his first love has always been fiction (mythology, sci-fi, fantasy, and a good bildungsroman). A youth fantasy fiction author himself, he understands the creative process of developing characters you love, hate, and love to hate, as well as the rhythm of a narrative arc and the metanarrative of a story. Give him interesting characters and a good “rising action > climax > denouement” and you’ll be pleased with his artful approach to characters, voices, and comic timing. You can check out his blog, where he talks about writing, myth, C. S. Lewis, and anything else he finds interesting, at his Relics of Errus website. 

Most importantly, he’s the father of four amazing kids, who like his reading of Harry Potter better than Jim Dale’s… but they may be prejudiced.